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Privacy and Cookies Statement

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully before using this website (“our website”). In these conditions “we”, “us” and “our” means Zakk Associates and Solicitors and “you” means the individual using our website. This Privacy Policy sets out how we comply with European Union data protection requirements. This applies to the entire website.

When you log in to an online account provided to you, you agree to our privacy and cookies policy. And alternatively, by continuing to use our websites you agree to the use of cookies as described in this notice.

Collecting your information

We may collect your information upon giving you access to a login of our system at your request or part of a contract. Other ways we may collect information are:

  • From you filling in our support and contact forms
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Type of information we collect

The following information may be collected from one of the means above: name, email addresses, telephone contact numbers or computer/device technical details.

Why do we collect your information?

We may collect this information to compile demographic reports based on technical support needs, this is to allow us to continue to provide the best support and service levels through our software provision.

Use of information

You authorise us to use and disclose, in the UK and abroad, information about you and your use of the Service including, but not limited to, how you conduct your account for the purposes of operating your account and providing you with the Service, for credit control purposes; for fraud and crime detection and prevention and the investigation and prevention of civil offences; or as required for reasons of national security or under law to our associated companies, partners or agents, any telecommunications company, debt collection agency and fraud-prevention agency or governmental agency and other users of these agencies who may use this information for the same purpose as us. You can obtain further details from our Privacy Policy and from our public registration held by the Information Commissioner.
You also agree to information about you and your use of the Service including, but not limited to, how you conduct your account being used, analysed and assessed by us and the other parties identified in the paragraph above and selected third parties for marketing purposes including, amongst other things, to identify and offer you by phone, post, your mobile phone, email, text (SMS), media messaging, automated dialling equipment or other means, any further products, services and offers which we think might interest you.
From time to time, we may (without notice to you) review, record or check your use of the Service where we are required to do so to make sure you are complying with any laws or regulations, or where ordered to do so by any court or other body or authority with the power to require such monitoring, or for our own internal purposes to make sure you are complying with the Terms.

Our use of cookies

We use cookies when you visit our website, or mobile website and may collect information using them.

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again (see our cookie policy for more details).

Website Analytics

We use cookies to keep track of what pages and links are popular within our site and which ones don’t get used so much. This is to help us keep our site relevant and up to date in order to provide you with the best information possible. It’s also very useful to be able to identify trends of how our users view our site and if they get ‘error messages’ from web pages.

Ease of use

Our Cookies can be used to keep you logged in during your visit. This is to help prevent you from having to keep logging in as you navigate around our site.

We may also use cookies in order to determine whether you have already filled out specific forms, that way we can tailor your experience to fit around you personally. This can include enabling the use of social media components.

Important Information for you

Although we may collect cookies from time to time, neither we, nor the companies who show ads on our site sell data collected from cookies to any other organisations. And are only used as an indication to your browsing activity so we can understand your interests.

The data is anonymous and isn’t linked to you as a person. Even if you log in to our website